Nasara History

Leading global provider of Kinesiology Tapes and Taping methods.

1996~2015 나사라가 걸어온길

First in Korea introduce and distribute Kinesiology taping therapy.
NASARA company gave attention to the theory Dr. Kase Kenzo's' invention,
the kinesiology tape and it's excellent effects and convenience.
Then stared introducing and distributing Kinesiology tape since 1996 in Korea for the first time.
NASARA company has led the Korean market of the kinesiology tape,
and distribute the kinesiology tape to Europe, North America, Latin America in present.

Try hard to advertise and distribute Kinesiology tape.
NASARA company continuously held seminar and
suppor doctors, pharmacists, sports trainer and therapist to develop and distribute Kinesiology tape in Korea.
Also we advertise our product through medias to the people.

Do our best for localization and popularization of Kinesiology tape.
NASARA company developed domestic brand of kinesiology tape.
we set the reasonable price and got closer to the public.
and we export kinesiology tape to Europe, North America and Latin America.